The Sumner Writing Team Project, LLC
The Sumner Writing Project Team began in 2005, shortly after the last Sumner Alumni National Convention in Kansas City, Kansas. The group was formed to research, write and publish “The Sumner Story.” The members of the group volunteered to write the Sumner Story. They have worked diligently for the last few years to find the right framework to cast the story. Interestingly enough all of the members live within the Washington, D.C area. The members of the Writing Team Project are:  Wilma Freelain Bonner('64), Sandra Freelain ('63), Dwight Henderson ('63), Johnnieque Blackmon Love ('63), and Eugene M. Williams ('62). The Team could not have accomplished its work without the support of Beckwith Horton ('56), the underwriter for the project. 
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In association with the Sumner High School Alumni Association, Kansas City, Kansas
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May 11, 2011 - The Division of Research at the
                       University of Maryland, College
                       Park, Md has selected and will
                       recognize The Summer Story at
                       the 2011 Scholarship and
                       Research Celebration.